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Sandbox Covers for Business & Home Sandboxes

Sandbox Covers USA brings you the sturdiest sandbox covers on the market. They’re also the easiest to use, and the best value for your dollar! Our sandbox covers meet commercial manufacturing standards, making them great for schools, day care centers, homeowners associations, and even your own backyard.

Our sandbox covers are available in 2 different varieties: with weighted edges, or with polywoven ties. The weighted-edge covers are great for sandboxes up to size 12′ x 12′ (although they can be used for larger sandboxes). The mounting-blocks covers are recommended for tough weather conditions. The polywoven covers are for use with sandboxes that are made from plastic border timber sections.

Our sandbox covers keep the sand in your sandbox, and they keep the animals out. And in hot weather, they keep the sand covered, so the sand stays cool. To get started, see your sandbox cover options below.

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sandbox covers with chainWeighted Edge Design
(For Any Sandbox)

These sturdy vinyl covers are hands-free — there are no snaps, hooks, or strings. There’s a length of chain built into the outside flaps all the way around the cover. Just put the cover on the sandbox, drape the flaps over the sides, and .. presto! Best for smaller sandbox sizes.
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tough sandbox covers

Sandbox Covers ::
Tie-Down Design
(for Plastic Sandboxes)

These covers are made from polywoven canvas. They’re designed for use with plastic border sandboxes. These covers let the water through, so there’s no pooling or build-up. Easy-to-use tie-downs secure the covers in place. Available in 3 sizes (4′ x 8′, 8′ x 8′, 12’x 12′).
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