Fitted Mesh Cover for Plastic Sandbox


This fitted mesh cover for a plastic sandbox is a great addition for your playground. These plastic sandbox covers are designed for sandboxes made from plastic. These plastic sandbox covers are tough, durable, and perfect for keeping your sandboxes clean and tidy. Choose your size. Take advantage of your winter sale: Free shipping on all sandbox covers!


Our polywoven canvas, plastic sandbox covers are a great addition to the play area. To start with, they prevent sand and toys from being blown away by storms. Second, sandbox covers keep the sand clean by keeping out animals, leaves and tree branches. Our covers also protect the sandbox surface, which prevents mold and rot on wooden surfaces. Finally, these sandbox covers have a pleasing, cool blue color that looks great on any play area. This sandbox cover has two ties that you can use to secure the cover to the base of the sandbox.

Fitted Mesh Cover for Plastic Sandbox

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Plastic Sandbox Cover Size

12 x 12, 4 x 8, 8 x 8